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Miscellaneous / WB1 for sale £5000
July 05, 2021, 01:51:04 PM
The first numbered Winkle Brig in great condition and ready to sail. After 3 years stranded in Liverpool, we took her for a recommissioning voyage on the Norfolk Broads last month. Everything from the trailer up worked perfectly. The Yamaha 4hp outboard started on the second pull. The drop keels moved freely and easily.  Sails are in good condition as is the standing and running rigging.

"Winkle One" is fully equipped with:
   - Original purpose-built trailer with recently renewed uprated suspension units with new brakes, hubs, wheels and tyres. Uprated load capacity as recommended elsewhere in this forum. renewed rollers and winch.
   - Inflatable tender (believed to be sound but not tested this year) with pump
   - Ample fenders, mooring lines, boat hook.
   - Deck mounted anchor, chain and warp.
   - Cockpit tent.
   - VHF.
   - Echo sounder.
   - Bilge pump
   - Porta Potti sized to stow away behind the cabin access steps.
   - Original two burner gas hob.
   - New 12volt battery.

Newly re-varnished.

Pictures on request from and available to view in South Liverpool.

Jim Davies
07801 978292
Miscellaneous / WINKLE ONE FOR SALE
February 11, 2018, 02:59:24 PM
Sadly, "Winkle One" will be moving on. There has been some discussion about whether she is the first Winkle Brig, but she proudly carries the sail designation WB1.

She is in good condition, ready for sea and pretty much stock with a gaff rig, a Mariner 4 outboard and inflatable tender. She has the original highly serviceable gas cooker, ample fenders, two anchors (a Fluke and a Bruce), VHF, depth gauge  and is on a Roller Coaster trailer. Two adult life jackets and a child's are included as is a custom made cockpit tent and a heavy duty cover.

She has spent almost all of her life based on Loch Torridon, a sea-loch in the Western Highlands of Scotland, the previous owner having bought her direct from the builders. She is at present in Torridon village and may be inspected there.

Yours for £6,000.
Dear Julian,
As a newish winkle brigand of a mere two years, I have much enjoyed the site and admire your dedication in keeping it going despite having abandoned ship, as it were. Thank you so much.
Regards,  Jim
Thanks, Rick and Paul
Hugely impressed with the speed and quality of response! It sounds as if I've got a plan.

Floating off is definately preferably and with no brakes to worry about and using the Torridon rope trick, I think that's how I'll try to go.

Transfer from road to launch trailer would be via water. I can launch and recover from the road trailer but only at the expense of immersing the brakes (and Torridon is a sea loch). If that was rare then it would be acceptable, and I have no plans to trail sail away from Torridon any time soon. So stripping out the brakes seems to be the way to go.

Thanks again
Yours,  Jim
Trailers, towing & launching / Re: Breakback Trailer
April 29, 2014, 08:42:28 PM
Hello sailors
The slipway in Torridon in the Western Highlands where I keep and launch WB1 is  far from steep and so the trailer needs to go in above the hubs. As a result the time spent on brake maintenance can exceed that spent on the water. My plan is to strip out the brakes until I need them and accept that bearings will probably need renewing very frequently. I hugely admire the mechanisms that have been demonstrated in this thread but I wonder whether I might not get away with a rope between the axle of the trailer and the car coupling hook. Bear in mind that the slope is shallow. I would reverse the boat down the slip to the edge of the water, tie as above with a suitable length of rope, uncouple and push the trailer manually into the water as far as necessary. Winching off would see the trailer coupling rise to about 6ft and the boat slide gently into the water as described elsewhere in the forum,. When I have used this  technique in the past, the trailer brakes have held things in place but in this scenario I would be relying on the rope..
I would be extremely grateful for the thoughts of fellow Winkle Brigands.
Regards Jim
Has  anyone tried this "carpet" style trailer as I seem to remember they are referred to?  I store wb1 about 200 yards from the slipway at Torridon and as it is quite shallow, the trailer needs to go in above the hubs. The idea of a purely launching trailer is tempting. Brake maintenance is a nightmare at the moment.The alternative is to strip out the brakes from the rollercoaster until I need them and use a variation on the breakback: but I will post that query on the appropriate thread.
Jim Davies
Wrinkle One