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The Hull / Re: Ballast
September 12, 2015, 07:09:23 AM
Hi Paul
I wouldn't disagree with anything David has said. It is all very sound advice. I was never brave enough to go the whole hog with ballast and I am sure 100Kgs plus would have a beneficial effect, if you can carry the extra weight on the trailer.

David is absolutely right about the uselessness of a mizzen with a following wind. A longer boom with a high peeked setup would make for  better sailing for all wind directions, but I like the ability to take down the main in stronger winds and bumble along in under foresails and mizzen.

David is also absolutely right about the balanced lug rig I have adopted. This modification is probably much  further than most people would want to go with a Winklebrig, but the luxury of being able to move the centre of effort forwards or backwards underway without affecting the shape of the sail has been a relevation to me. It is also wonderful to be able to raise and drop the sail with one rope.

I am not sure why, but there is no problem with the balanced lug mainsail sharing wind with the jibs (something to do with 'slots' I think) but the jib sheets do sometimes snagg on the boom when going about in light airs which is a pain. 

All in all, I recognise a extremely  accomplished sailor behind  David's writing and his seems very sound advice to me. I might even give the ballast another try!
The Hull / Re: Ballast
September 10, 2015, 06:26:46 PM
Hi Paul.

A huge subject I am afraid. But as Mike says, you are not alone!

I have experimented a great deal with the balance of the boat and have now removed all the ballast I added in previous years as I came to the conclusion you need so much to have any effect it becomes counter-productive.

I think you must separate the various issues, as although they are loosely connected, I have found it helps to deal with them separately.

1.   Stern digging in.
2.   Tenderness
3.   Weather helm

Digging in:- I think it is unlikely you have water in the bilges (you would notice this when you launch and recover). Your biggest weight in the back of the boat is the engine. I experimented with removing mine on occasions and it made very little difference to the sailing performance. However, it makes sense to move as much weight forward as possible. Easy wins are water tanks and anchor chain. There is no easy empirical way of measuring the boats 'attitude' but I would say that if you have water sloshing about on the cockpit floor something is wrong. I have quite a lot of weight aft and in stationary conditions (no waves or tide or heavy crew) the floor is dry although the water is right at the top edge of the engine well/cockpit floor.

I don't think it would be dangerous to replace the foam with ballast as I have always felt that the 'unsinkability' of the boat is rather academic. When are you going to be so far from help that it really matters?! However, as above, I don't think this will do you much good and will add to the towing weight. Personally I wouldn't go down the route of water ballast.

Tenderness:-  In my view (strictly non-scientific!) the standard topsail rig is too high and  there is not enough sail forward of the mast. It is the above-water weight which make the bigger difference rather than the below water weight. (Someone cleverer than me found that reducing the mast weight on a Corinthian OD by 18Kgs was equivalent to adding 50 Kgs of ballast to the keel).
Consequently, to reduce 'tenderness' I would lower the aspect ratio by ditching the topsail, and increase the size of the jib to increase the power. This will not help in light airs when you will be slower, (and not look as pretty) but you will find the bigger jib with a lower centre of gravity helps the tenderness issue considerably and aids the weather helm problem. Never reef your jib. Always reef your mainsail (even in quite modest winds).

Weather helm:- This is a function of wind strength. With a light boat like the Winklebrig you need to have flexibility of sails to match conditions. I sail very comfortably with Mizzen and Jib or Mizzen and Jib and staysail in almost all conditions. Fitting a Mizzen is a bit of a fiddle, but you could go a long way to help your weather helm by fitting a slightly longer bowsprit and a bigger (well cut) jib and then reef your mainsail frequently. The standard roller reefing system destroys the shape of the jib very quickly and I would ditch it in favour of a well cut sail and roller furling.

Finally, if you are only ever going to sail in sheltered waters and/or have a big moveable ballast in the way of one or two crew, don't bother to make any changes.

Good luck!

Trailers, towing & launching / Re: Type of Trailer
June 27, 2015, 06:25:16 AM
Hi Douglas. The standard Rollercoaster is modified for the Winklebrig to allow for the keels, both at the bow end and the rear swing beam roller assembly, so my advice is not to buy one before selling, as you could spend several thousand pounds on the Indespension Roller Coaster (which are not easy to find second hand)  and then have all the cost and hassle of doing the modifications. Additionally the new owner may not have plans to trail any great distances and your bunked trailer may suit him/her fine.
Good luck!
Sailing / Morbihan 2015
June 08, 2015, 07:36:28 AM
It was a great week this year. Thoroughly recommended to all Winklebriggers.
Sailing / Re: Venice Velaraid 2014
February 18, 2015, 04:28:39 PM
Hi Gwilym.
They only do the full Velaraid every other year, so the next one is in 2016. I try and do the Semaine du Golfe in Morbihan in the intervening year - See you there?
The Hull / Lifting rudder
July 28, 2014, 06:44:18 PM
After many years of running aground here is my new lifting rudder. Haven't sailed with it yet so hope it works!
Sailing / Re: Venice Velaraid 2014
July 28, 2014, 06:36:05 PM
Sorry again! (Two of the same photo). Here are a couple more -then I'll go away!
Molly in the foreground of the first photo is a lovely replica Whale boat sailed (and rowed) by a delightful crew from Henley. This is about as close as I ever got to her as she is very fast.
On returning home I decided to make a lifting rudder as I am fed up with running aground. I don't know about anyone else but Winkle runs aground ruddder and stern first, so it is extremely difficult to get off single handed. New rudder is just about finished so I will post a photo in the relevant place.
Sailing / Re: Venice Velaraid 2014
July 28, 2014, 06:25:09 PM
Sorry! Haven't learn't how to post more than one photo at a time. Here goes again!
The following is the Raid video which gives a flavour of the event. If you are very hawk eyed you can get a glimpse of Winkle (and a grey haired old man).
Sailing / Venice Velaraid 2014
July 28, 2014, 06:17:42 PM
Wonderful week in Venice in early June. Not much wind this year but as always the hosts were lovely. Here are some photos:-
Welcome aboard Clint!
Well done Rick. Many thanks and congratulations on getting the new site up and running.