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Messages - Gerard Brown

The Engine / Re: Electric outboards.
October 19, 2021, 04:31:32 PM
We love the Epropulsion motor, it?s a Spirit Plus Evo so  charges itself if you?re doing anything over 4.3 knots.

There?s loads of torque from this unit so it?ll punch along through some big seas and tide really well. It?s ideal for a displacement hull I?d say.

We haven?t measured things scientifically but, this summer we motored all the way from the Helford passage to Mylor at about 2.5 knots (around 9nm) and we still had about 20% left in the battery when we arrived.

At full power I think we can hit 4.5 knots but this will only give 75 mins runtime. Half power gives about 3 knots speed and perhaps three hours runtime.

We?re going to get a second battery next year but for a backup this year we had a Lifos 12v battery and solar panel. We never ran out of power but you do need to think about how you use it.

As for fitting, the motor sits in the outboard well perfectly but the battery is too big so you?ll need to put this in the rear locker and use a dedicated extension cable.
The short shaft is the right length for the boat but does protrude beneath the skeg by about 80mm so is a little vulnerable in the shallows.

To sum up, the ease of use is fantastic. I?d recommend it and say that the power is adequate. The range though might be an issue with just one battery in a strong tide / if there?s an emergency etc.
Repair Yards / Recommendations wanted.
August 14, 2021, 07:39:35 PM
We?re thinking of refurbishing our lee boards / bilge boards and having some other minor works done to WB 18. Does anyone have any favourite boatyards or indeed any to steer away from?