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 :D Hi! I finished the refurb of 'Polly Ann' wb98 (now renamed 'Sea Pickle') at the end of may 2019. Removed woodworm and etc from mast, fitted instruments and polished and painted...Had some nice, (but slow!) sailing along the south coast over the summer. I was wondering if anyone was planning on doing any regattas or stuff in 202 where we might meet up? - UK West coast? France?
Would like to hear from anyone that has some top tips for great places , such as falmouth week or the like, that we might join up with?  Does the class host or support any rallies or events?
All the best
Tim :)
Is it me, or is there a problem with the authentication code system? I'm unable to post anything due to the code never agreeing with what I've carefully typed in!!.... Slightly frustrating, to say the least! Any help would be appreciated!
Sailing / Racing!?....Handicap?
April 12, 2019, 10:05:00 PM
I am getting slowly sorted, still have lots to do on wb98. So far have focussed on hull and interior, some electronics and battery installation and trailer refurb so it works! Due to family bereavement my efforts to change rig to topsail version has stalled...but hope to get back on to it soon.
I have been wondering if wb's have a recognised handicap at all, and under what system? - I have been asked if I am racing at my club and was wondering what peoples experiences had been? I'm aware that my wb is no greyhound -  & fairly sure that I'd spend a lot of time watching other boats head off over the horizon!  ;) ;D
Hi Paul. Thanks for your mail.
I will pop a picture of the jaws to you in the next day or two for you to have a look at.
I'm going to have to get a new mast made up (thanks to woodworm feast!) - so any dimensions of the mast would be helpful, if you know them
- is there somewhere where the technical details and proper dimensions /spec of the topsail rig including spar length and ect available- also, does anyone know of a wooden spar manufacturer in the south of the UK? ....I'm thinking I will try to get a wooden bottom and top sections plugged into a central aluminium round central section to make up the complete mast unit. Any views/ ideas/help!? - All gratefully accepted!  :)
Thanks Paul - I've sent you some pictures of the sails and spars - the mast is in need of some repair work, as you will see from the pics.
Hi. Thanks for all this information, which is really useful.
I'm quite keen to return the rig to it's original format, so will need to get hold of a new spar, or get one made up. I will try to take some pictures of the sails and spars etc and also do some measurements for you.
- should we use this site - or might it be better to communicate via email directly? - I'm happy to use whichever you feel more useful and appropriate.
Hi. This sounds like a mutually beneficial arrangement and I'd be glad to see if we could sort something out between us. I'm certainly happy to swap rigs if we can arrange?
The sails I have are in good condition, but as yet, I can't attest to how good they are as I haven't sailed the boat yet!
Sail numbers can be easily removed from sails and either re-glued (if they are  the self adhesive type) or re-stitched. I'm happy to discuss further and could send pics and etc - Let me know what you think.
All the best
Tim  :)
Hi to all owners!
I've just bought wb 98, and I'm really looking forward to getting the boat together and sailing with my two boys on the south coast.
By way of intro I've been sailing since 1972, learned in mirrors at Himley Hall SC in W.Mids - then into Int Moths, then various other dinghies, then solent & offshore racing etc.
I live in Hove as prev owner did - so will be based from Sussex YC.

I love the look of the lower gaff and topsail rig and wondered how to convert it from high rig to gaff and topsail? Any advice/ drawings/ insider knowledge would be enormously appreciated! - I'm also looking at additional jib and lengthening the bowsprit....but maybe I should calm down and take it one step at a time!  ;D
Tim B