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The Hull / Pattern of hull strengthening timbers?
« on: July 02, 2018, 10:52:49 PM »
Hello all

I know this question is a long shot, but here we go;  I have a Winklebrig but with a difference - she's a steam launch!  I have only recently acquired the boat and am currently renovating the hull as I've found a lot of wet timbers under the floors.

The boat uses the Winklebrig hull and has timber decks and coamings etc. (so does not have the fibreglass decks or internals).  My question is regarding the timbers bonded to the hull in the form of ribs and stringers etc.  Has anyone any sketches, drawings or photographs of the internal hull strengthening as the boats were built?

I am trying to work out what might have been original and what was added later.  There are a few stress cracks to deal with and I suspect they have been caused by the removal of timbers during the conversion.  I am planning to renew everything with Douglas Fir bonded in with epoxy, filleted and taped but can't decided where the timbers need to go at the moment!


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