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Messages - Paul Thomas

Hi Rolly, Not sure about Barton Turf, but I always launch at Swallowtail Yard in Ludham , which has a good slip and parking. Best to email them first so they are expecting you. You can also launch at Martham Boats.
Tim,  I am still interested in doing the swap if you are. I am not available for the next week or so, but after that I will be fairly flexible. It's a long way to come, so I want to be sure that we have all the details agreed beforehand.

How are you getting on with the mast? I didn't know Roger still had the original, but yours may be repairable, especially if the only damage is at the foot.

I'm not sure what gaff jaws you have. Mine has a saddle, which I think is standard. If you sent me a pic it got lost in the junk mail. The saddle may not be the best setup for the high peak, but it has sufficient articulation to do the job.

Sailing / Re: Norfolk Broads
April 03, 2019, 01:10:23 PM
Hi Pat, I don't have any actual dates in mind. Probably some time in early August if I go this year.
Hi Tim, there are details of the topsail and its spar on the forum: The Rig / page 2 / Topsail . The dimensions match my sail. The spar would be relatively easy to make from a suitable piece of timber. Also in the rig section is a thread on new masts. The only mast maker I know is Noble Masts in Bristol, which is where mine came from. I don't know the dimensions, but I could measure it. Someone would know the dimensions of an original standard mast I should have thought.
Hi Tim, thanks for the pictures. I would only be interested in swapping my mainsail, boom, gaff and topsail for your main, gaff and boom. I would want to keep my mast which is not standard and might not work for what you want to do with the topsail. The colour looks the same, and I note that only one  number needs changing. I would like a better view of your gaff jaws though. Mine is a saddle type which I am advised will not work well with the higher peak. Does yours have the curved jaws?
I thought so. Page 2 of the rig section, in the second crom bottom thread. There are pictures and dimensions. Cheers.
I have sent a pm with my email,  but some of tne feedback from other members is useful. I am pretty sure there is a picture of the topsail yard somewhere on the forum, and if not someone will provide one.
Thanks David. I only remembered that after posting. Unfortunately I do not have the original topsail yard. I imagine it is easy enough to make one. Is it a simple yard with a hole in each end or does it have any other features?

Having only used the current arrangement, I cannot be certain, but lacing it to the gaff rather than its own yard results in  flying it back to front, and although it appears symmetrical and flat, affects the way it draws.

I agree that that the original looks better as well. It would be good for it to go to someone who will use it.
The Rig / Re: Gunter Rig
February 13, 2019, 07:48:07 PM
Many thanks David and Dave. I must be getting my Winkle Brigs in a twist. I was fooled by an erroneous description in a for sale ad. It seems the high peak rig was mainly fitted to the later boats from the evidence.
The Rig / Re: Gunter Rig
February 13, 2019, 12:59:19 PM
Hi David or indeed anyone who knows, it's me again. I hope you can help. Regarding the high peaked sail, I have the possibility of swapping my main and topsail with spars for an original high peaked rig. I am a little confused though. Your sail, which looks gorgeous, is copied from WB95. I have looked at some others in the gallery, WB61, which was for sale last week and WB112, which look completely different. Actually more like a larger version of my sail. I thought there were two alternative rigs. Do you know if there were more? I am after the look you have achieved with the ease of a single sail.
I will take some pictures and measurements, weather permitting.  Can you do likewise and let me know the dimensions of the spars. I  believe yours are longer than mine. The topsail, I would say, has had much less use, and is usually kept at the back of the wardrobe.  There are pics in the gallery of Partan. They are from the previous ownership, but are representative. I am near Bridgwater in Somerset, so a fair distance,  but I make occasional trips to Brighton to visit relatives.
The Rig / Re: Wanted : Shroud chainplates
February 12, 2019, 07:42:54 PM
Thanks Martin and David for your input and experience. I don't need to do anything at all, but I acquired the ss wire for this purpose. Having supported the mizzen mast of a Colvic ketch for a few years, it will need resizing. Each piece has an eye on one end, the other having been cut off, so I can use whatever fitting is best. I was told by the rigger who fitted the new rigging that it (7mm ss) would not go around a thimble, so I was considering an adjustable assembly with a fork fitting. If David has thimbles, then, Iwant them too. David, I am looking at a picture of Hope alongside the pontoon in the gallery. I'm guessing those are the new ss shrouds I can see as the new high peaked sail and spars are fitted?

The Rig / Re: Gunter Rig
February 10, 2019, 03:09:32 PM
Hi David, I am back on the forum if not yet back on the water. Very interesting reading about your experience with the high peak gaff rig now it is in commission. Glad to hear that you achieved the performance gains you hoped for. It also looks fantastic, rather like a Cornish Crabbers Shrimper I thought.
The Rig / Re: Wanted : Shroud chainplates
February 09, 2019, 03:54:54 PM
Yes. I would prefer to use lanyards, but the rigger told me that the ss wire won't go round a thimble.
The Rig / Re: Wanted : Shroud chainplates
February 08, 2019, 05:40:54 PM
I am planning this modification. I will use the plates from the front of the cabin which are currently used for the halyards, which I will replace with home made stainless versions. I have also acquired a load of ss rigging wire and bottlescrews from my mate's much larger ketch, which I intend to use instead of the galvanised shrouds which are standard. Nothing against galvanised, but I would prefer it to match.